Write the Why Section

Grades 7 - Adult

We have finished the What section.  It consists of the Old section (what the audience likely knows) and the New section. It tells what the audience like does not know.

The Why section tells why the What section is true or important. It’s time to write that section.

First Sentence

You also have completed the first sentence for each of the three parts.

Tie Line + What/Why Statement: If I could be a unique animal, I would be a platypus, because they remind me of my Great-Uncle Kim, a World War II hero.

Stated as a chart:

If I could be a unique animal,

What Statement

Why Statement


verb phrase





would be

a platypus


they remind me of my Great-Uncle Kim, a World War II hero.

task 4.9.1 – Individual

Write out the tie line (if necessary) and the What/Why Statement from your Ongoing Task

Review: Tautology

A tautology occurs when the Why Section defines, describes, or in any other way repeats any part of the What Section.  If your writing includes a tautology, then you will end up saying the same things twice.

Task 4.9.2 – Small Group

1. Indicate the Old variable, the New variable, and the Why Statement.
2. Name which of the What/Why Statements below are tautologies. Explain why. Use a dictionary or the Net if you wish.

a. I liked reading The Haunted House on Cherry Lane because it was scary.

b. I like clowns because they remind me of the clown college in Sarasota Spring, Florida.

c. If I could do magic tricks, I would walk on air, because that would be awesome.

d. If I study hard, I can earn a 4.0 GPA at Brown University, because I have always wanted good grades.

e. RejuvenAir® metered cryospray is excellent for reducing chronic bronchitis, because it delivers liquid nitrogen to the affected airways through a flexible camera passed through the mouth.

3. Check your Ongoing Task for tautology.

Task 4.9.3 – Small Group

  1. Research the subject of the Why section of your Ongoing Task. Have 10+ items of information. Take notes.  Do not write sentences.
  2. Use numbers and decimals to organize the researched material for the What Section of your Ongoing Task.

Task 4.9.4 – Tandem

Tell a writing partner about your What Section. Go in the order of your numbers. Do not just read your notes aloud.

Together with your writing partner, look for places in your Why section where you can add

  • Greater precision
  • Sensory details
  • Your emotions

Task 4.9.5 – Individual

Complete the Why section of your Ongoing Activity.