Elementary & High School Successes

As you have read in the homepage, GWS students from St. Lawrence Island stunned American education by winning two team national championships in what at the time was generally considered the most difficult academic competition in America. 

But that is not the only time GWS students have succeeded. For reasons that quickly become evident, GWS often results in writing-ability jumps of 3-6 years … in a matter of hours.  

Everywhere GWS has been tried, the writing scores have skyrocketed. For example, Alaska Gateway School District ran a pilot program. By happenstance, almost exactly half of the students used GWS. The other half used various other writing methods.

The GWS students outscored their counterparts by a full grade.  In fact, some of the Special Education students outscored the students from the Gifted and Talented Program.

Many students have used the papers they wrote in GWS classrooms to help themselves garner major scholarships. Harvard once sent a college recruiter to Alaska to persuade GWS-trained students to apply there. He explained to Dr. G. that “We bring in Native American students from a number of states, but they often drop out. Young people with GWS training succeed.”