Determine the “New” Variable

Grades 7 - Adult

Pretend Ongoing Assignment 4.1 produced these answers among others:

a fat gerbil

my horse, Flicka

palomino pony

Shetland pony

Mongolian pony

calico cat


red cap Oranda goldfish

American chinchilla rabbit

aye-aye lemur

German shepher


seeing-eye dog

Canaan seeing-eye dog


Grading Ideas

You have done a great job! Now test to see which is the best idea.

In Lesson 1.2, you learned you can grade ideas based on how readers’ interests.

A = adult stranger probably does not know this AND is probably interested (+ wow!).

B = adult stranger probably does not know about this.

C = adult stranger probably knows this OR probably is not interested.

Task 4.2.1 – Small Group or Class

Grade your ideas.  You can do that as a class or as a small group.  Do not argue.  For example:


a fat gerbil                               C

my horse, Flicka                     C                    

palomino pony                        B        

Shetland pony                         B        

Mongolian pony                     A        

calico cat                                 B

catfish                                     C

red cap Oranda goldfish         B                                                                    

American chinchilla rabbit     B                                                        

aye-aye lemur                         A        

German shepherd                   C        

blobfish                                   A        

seeing-eye dog                        C        

Canaan seeing-eye dog           A        

axolotl                                     A

Task 4.2.2 – Small Group

Why did each idea earn the grade that it did?

Task 4.2.3 – Small Group or Class or Small Group

Draw a Decision Tree. Use these criteria:

  • Which is most likely to interest adult readers?
  • Which most interests you?
  • Which has a good amount of research without there being too much information?

You have three criteria, so you will need five columns.
        Column for ideas
        Three columns for the criteria
        Column for the total number of points

You have five A ideas, so you will need six rows.
       Row for heading
       Five rows for ideas


Interests adults

Interests you

Good info


Mongolian pony





Aye-aye lemur










Canaan seeing-eye dog










  • Because you have five ideas, each column will have 1-5. Five will be the highest.
  • Your table’s range will differ if you have more or fewer A ideas.
  • Indicate the best first (5), then assign a 1 for weakest.
  • No column should have two or more of the same number.
  • Flip a coin in case of tie.

No A Ideas?

If you do not have any A ideas, then funnel down B or C ideas. 

Task 4.4 – Individual or Small Group

Part I:            Grade the ideas from Ongoing Assignment 4.1

Part II:           Use a Decision Chart to determine the best idea. 

Part III:         Enter the best idea into the RH variable of the What Statement

What Statement