Publish the Story

Grades 7 - Adult

Now it’s time to show your family and friends your masterpiece.

Create a Booklet

Check your grammar and spelling. Then use Publisher or one of the other publishing softwares to create a booklet.  Or single-space your story and create a hardcopy booklet, either at 8.5×11 or at 4.25×6.5.

Add Pictures

Adding pictures to your text greatly enhances the final product.

To add pictures, copy and paste the picture into the text.  The text will break and go above it and below it.

Then place the cursor on the picture. Picture Placement will appear on the toolbar.  Click on it, and Crop will appear.  Use it to delete extra parts of the picture.

Look for Wrap Text. In most cases, set the pic at Tight. The text will wrap around the image. 

(Alternative) Professionally Formatted Story

Fiction writing has a special format.


Format How to Create
Times New Roman, 12 pt
Double space. Do not have extra spaces between paragraphs.
Click on the little dialog box in Paragraph under Home. Set both scrolls on the left to zero and the scroll on the right to Double. Click the little box at the bottom of the screen. Click OK
Indent all paragraphs ½”.
Move top half of the cursor to the ½” mark on the cursor. If no ruler shows up, then go to View. You will find it there.
Leave the right side ragged
Highlight the paper. Then go to Home. Click on the left box above Paragraph.
Add your name and email address
These should be single-spaced on the upper left-hand corner of page 1.
Number of words
Use Review to find the number of words. Put the number in the upper right-hand of page 1.
Space down one-half of the page. Type title in ALL CAPS, centered. Do not boldface.
Type your name under the title. Do not use a pseudonym. It used to be fashionable, but today it is pretentious.