Answering Implied Questions

Grades 7 - Adult

Let’s set our story aside for a moment. Let’s talk about Hidden Questions.

News Questions

We will begin with News Questions, also known as Wh- questions.


Task 3.3.1 – Small Group

Identity which of the news questions is the best to ask a question about each of the following. 

1. The bears came at us out of the brush.
2. Today I started across the ocean.
3. Carlo asked his mother if he could go to the movies.
4. I think I will watch the rabbits in the garden.
5. The king’s men guarded the gates for many hours.
6. Yesterday a house burned down over by the pond.
7. Our teacher quietly told us to be quiet.
8. I found a great TV show on the Internet.

We decided to make a birdhouse.

9. Alfred and his friend played an interesting game behind the house.
10. The train hooted as it pulled out of the station.

Hidden Questions

Hidden questions are another form of Hidden questions. They are less focused than news questions. We look at all the questions rather than centering on a main one.

If I said,

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

What questions might you have, assuming there are no pictures?

You might ask:

Who is Humpty Dumpty
Where was the wall?
How tall was the wall?
What kind of wall was it?
Why was he sitting there?

Task 3.3.2 – Small Group or Class

Identify the hidden questions in the following:

A. There are many types of trees here.

B. John forgot to bring his dog to school.

C. My mother bakes the best biscuits in the village.

D. Bears eat berries.