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Internationally honored educator and world-award-winning novelist Dr. George Guthridge ("Dr. G.") shares his revolutionary writing and creative/critical thinking methods that combine Ancient Greek communication secrets with indigenous learning.

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About Dr G

Write with clarity, confidence, and creativity. The Guthridge Writing System (GWS) dramatically raises writing ability and lowers the time writing takes and the frustration it can cause.

A proven methodology trusted by educators to cultivate exceptional writing skills in students.

Effective written communication is a cornerstone of success in both academic and professional pursuits. The Guthridge Writing System (GWS) offers a comprehensive and results-oriented approach to developing exceptional writing (and creative thinking) skills.

Developed by Dr. George Guthridge, a distinguished educator with 50 years of experience, GWS has demonstrably improved the writing abilities of individuals across all demographics and experience levels. From students who have gone on to win national writing competitions to professionals seeking to enhance their communication effectiveness, GWS provides a clear path to…

Master the fundamentals: Learn a clear, structured approach to writing that simplifies grammar and strengthens your foundation.

Express yourself with confidence: Craft compelling essays, research papers, short stories, and more, all with exceptional clarity and precision.

Unlock your potential: Discover the secrets used by champions to write with power and impact, even under pressure.

Learn at your own pace: GWS is adaptable to all learning styles and can be used by individuals, parents, and educators alike.

Using his methods

In 1984, his Eskimo students from a tiny Bering Sea high school stunned American education. He has taught over 20,000 students, most from rural Alaska. They went on to graduate from almost every major university in America including Harvard, Yale, West Point, and Annapolis

Who is it for?

GWS is designed for everyone who wants to raise their writing, creative thinking, and critical thinking skills. Students, Teachers, Businesspeople... of all levels.

Every $300 we raise trains one teacher in rural Thailand.

The Arctic Educational Miracle

They called themselves “The Kids from Nowhere.” They were from a 41-student high school in an Eskimo village on a blizzard-swept island off the coast of Siberia.

They spoke Siberian Yupik as a first language and had little world knowledge. They had low reading/writing scores. They had no computers and few books. Previous educators had written them off as “unteachable.”

The school was threatened with closure for its violence: teachers had been beaten, shot at, and their housing set afire – with the teachers in it.

For complex reasons, the district (on the Alaska mainland) entered them in what at the time was considered the most difficult academic competition for young people. 

Seventy-eight percent of the students at the national finals were from schools or programs for the gifted. To make matters more difficult, the Eskimo students had to compete on subjects, such as genetic engineering and nuclear waste, they had never heard of before!

They studied while hauling water (the houses had no running water), while scraping seal and walrus skins, and once while in skinboats, hunting whales. They overcame enormous academic deficits, personal tragedy, fire, and educators who, believing that “studying hard is not good for Native students,” tried to stop them.

Using the Guthridge Writing System (GWS), they stunned American education.

They became the only team of Native Americans ever to win a national academic competition.

And they did it twice.