Grades 1-6

Imagine your brain is like a magic bubblegum machine, but instead of gum, it pops out ideas.

There are three kinds of gum in your bubblegum machine:

  • “Woohoo”: These make adults amazed. Like building a house out of pancakes.
  • “Hmm…”: These are ones adults probably haven’t heard before.
  • “Yawn”: Adults have heard these.

Kids and Creativity

Do you ever think some kids are super-duper creative? Their ideas are like magic spells, while yours might feel more like stinky tennis shoes.

But guess what?

It’s true that some kids are extra creative, just like how some kids are amazing at math, basketball, or blowing the biggest bubbles.

Anyone can learn to be creative too! All you have to do is follow these three fun steps:

  1. Brainstorm for quantity, not quality (Lesson 1.1).
  2. Grade the ideas (Lesson 1.2).
  3. Put the A ideas in order (Lesson 1.3).

There Are No Silly Ideas

Ever have a super cool idea but get nervous to share it? Sometimes we worry someone might laugh, but guess what? No bubblegum idea is ever bad!

Silly ideas are like secret superpowers! They can turn into the awesomest things.

Remember, flying used to be silly too, until someone brave enough popped a “Woohoo!” idea and whoosh. The Wright brothers flew across a field! 

So, don’t be shy, let your bubblegum machine go wild!

Scribble down every crazy, silly, awesome idea that pops into your head. 

Task 1.1.1 – Class

Ms. Smith is taking her class of incredible kids on a camping adventure and they’re going to have a blast with two awesome helpers and two cool parents joining the fun.

Before they leave, Ms. Smith and her helpers want to imagine all the things that could possibly go wrong on their adventure. Let’s brainstorm together and come up with some silly ideas!

  1. Bee stings
  2. What if we get a flat in the middle of nowhere?
  3. Someone falls out of a tree.
  4. Wet firewood
  5. No firewood at all.
  6. Someone forgot to bring their sleeping bag.
  7. Someone forgot the parental permission slip.
  8. Someone forgot extra clothes.
  9. A bear eats all the food.
  10. Aliens, zombies, and ghosts enter the camp.
  11. Itching from bug bites.
    • Which idea of Ms. Smith’s is silliest?
    • Which ideas are most likely to happen?

Task 1.1.2 – Small Group

Uh-oh! Your dog keeps escaping the yard. You’re afraid it might get hurt, run away, be taken, get into fights, or bite someone.

How can you keep your dog in the yard? In groups of 3-4, brainstorm 15 ideas in 3 minutes. No idea is silly!