What GWS Can Do for You

The Gambell students’ accomplishments aren’t the only dramatic success of students trained in GWS. 

High School Seniors and College Students

  • Write exceptional college entrance essays
  • Write exceptional research papers in a short time

Following his time with the Alaska Native students of the Bering Sea, Dr. Guthridge (“Dr. G.,” as he is affectionately known), co-developed the Rural Alaska Honors Institute (RAHI) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The program was a six-week summer program for high school seniors and recent graduates from rural Alaska. Many had very low reading and writing scores. Over 2500 of those students have used Dr. G.’ method to graduate from college, including from—

Air Force Academy
Berkeley & Berkeley Law
Harvard, Harvard Graduate School of Business, 

Harvard Law, & Harvard Medical

New Mexico State School of Pharmacy
Notre Dame
Oregon State
Pacific Lutheran
U. of Alaska Anchorage
U. of Alaska Fairbanks
U. of Alaska Southeast
U. of British Columbia PhD Program in Art History
U. of Oregon
U. of Washington Medical
U. of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy
Washington State
West Point
Yale Law

… to name just a few places.

Several students returned as graduation speakers and said Dr. G.’s methods changed their lives.