Write New Variable

Keep Variable 2’s  exact subject in mind at all times. You are not writing about Billy Mills’s life.  Nor are you writing about racism in general. You are writing about the racism Mills endured.

Task 5.20.1 – Tandem or Small Group

Put the information in order. There are two ways to do that:

  • Move the copied information around on the computer screen.
    • You often will need to break up large chunks of information.
    • When you break up the information, be sure to put the article’s letter after it.
  • Use numbers.
    • Instead of moving information, simply put a number beside it. Of course, 1 will be the first information you will need, 2 the next, and so on.
    • Use decimals. Let’s say you have information that goes between information #6 and information #7. Instead of renumbering, label the new information #6.5.

Writing Part P of the IDP for Variable 2

You already have composed the “I” (introduction) and “D” (define, describe, and/or discuss) parts of Variable 2.

Now provide evidence.  Write the four subsections you identified in Lesson 5.19.

Do not compose while looking at the original information. The brain is lazy. You will end up “stealing” phrases or sentences; and the longer it takes you to write the paper, the more tired the brain becomes, and the more this is likely to happen.

Task 5.20.2 – In Tandem, Then Individually

  1. Using your notes, take turns talking through the information with a classmate. Do not just read the screen.

  2. Read as much information as you can remember easily, then exit the screen and write up the information in your syntax – that is, the way you order language. Use Standard English.

  3. Write SHORT sentences (but not fragments).

  4. Do not use any direct quotations.

Task 5.20.3 – Individual

Put Variable 2 aside for 24 hours. Then—

  1. Cut wordiness
  2. Identify and answer Hidden Questions
  3. Rewrite

Checking for Grammar and Spelling

It is important that you check for grammar and spelling one pass-through at the time instead of all at once.  Doing one at a time helps you identify problems. 

Task 5.20.4 – Individual

Check for—

  1. Spelling
  2. Fragments
  3. Run-ons
  4. Typos
  5. The word you