NWON Prompts

A nonfiction without narrator (NWON) essay is like a nonfiction with narrator (NWN) essay, except that it has no narrator. In other words, part of a NWN essay is about you, but there is no such part in a NWON essay.

For example:

NWN:         I like aye-aye lemurs.

NWON:      Destruction of the rainforest in northeastern Madagascar is causing the aye-aye lemur population to rapidly decline. 

Typical nonfiction without narrator essay prompts might be:

  • What change has occurred recently in the economic base of your community?
  • What role do sports play in your school?
  • How does music influence the American marketplace?
  • What leader most greatly influenced twentieth century America?
  • What invention highly influenced life in the twentieth century?
  • How has social media affected American life?

Task 5.1

Determine which of the following are nonfiction without narrator prompts.

  1. Pick a book that has highly influenced you. Describe it. Explain why it influenced you.
  2. What historical event do you think had the greatest influence on American history?
  3. You have been chosen as a member of a team to ski across Antarctica. Describe one eventful day.
  4. What is your favorite pet? Why?
  5. Describe a situation in which you made an important decision.
  6. Describe the best one-day outing you ever had with a family member or a close friend.
  7. How has the computer influenced contemporary life?
  8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Why?
  9. One day after school you find a shopping cart that randomly sucks in items from store shelves to give to homeless people. Describe what actions you take.
  10. What holiday do you like best?