Chapter Activity

Task 1.4.1 – Small Group

Your dog will not stay in the yard. You are afraid it will get hit by a car, run away, be stolen, get in a dog fight, or bite someone. How can you keep it where it belongs?

In groups of 3-4, brainstorm at least 12 ideas. You will have three minutes. To be eligible for a prize, each student must contribute at least two ideas. Remember, there is no such thing as a silly idea.

Task 1.4.2

Grade the ideas.

Task 1.4.3

Take one of your B or C ideas and funnel it down until you have at least 10 more ideas.  Then grade those ideas as well.

Task 1.4.4

Continue funneling and grading until you have at least five A ideas.

Task 1.4.5

Construct a Decision Table.  If you have five ideas and four evaluation criteria, then you will need—

Six rows
Six columns

Use the following criteria:

  • Which is the least expensive?
  • Which can be created the quickest?
  • Which will last the longest?
  • Which is the most humane? (Count this as double, so multiply all ranking numbers by 2.)

Feel free to substitute one or more of your own criteria.  Make sure they—

  • have an st word
  • are positive

In case of a tie, flip a coin